G3 Pathway for Early Childhood Education

Virginia G3 Early Childhood Education Road to Success

Studying in an early childhood education program is one of the greatest ways to make an impact on our youngest students’ lives. Early Childhood Education courses offered at Virginia’s Community Colleges give early childhood educators the skills they need to be successful in the classroom with children ages 0-5. And with G3 tuition assistance, you can forget about the question, “How am I going to pay for this early childhood education training?” so you can focus on finding the answer to “What kind of early childhood education jobs are near me?”

If you’re looking for your next step, explore a pathway to a new future through early childhood education at your local community college.

Get Started
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Apply to a community college.

There are 23 community colleges across Virginia. You are never more than 30 miles away from one. With one application, you can apply at any point of the year to any one of the schools within the system. If there are children in your community, there is a need for early childhood educators. The good news is that every one of our colleges offers some level of early childhood education.

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Work with an advisor, coach or navigator.


You might be revisiting this step again and again in your journey towards a new career early childhood education. If you’re pursuing higher education for the very first time, figuring out the required ECE courses both for now and future semesters is a great planning step. This is where you need to get all of your paperwork in order and confirm you have everything you need to get started.

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Enroll and Enjoy

Need tips for being successful while studying in an early childhood education program? Here are some pointers to keep you on the right path.

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Start your new early childhood education career

The reason why early childhood education was chosen to be part of the G3 tuition assistance program is that there is an urgent need to fill roles like lead teacher, teacher assistant and childcare center owner.

Learn how other’s achieved career success in the early childhood education program through G3!