Constructing a Dream Career at The Branch Group

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In a world with so many options, it can be hard to find an internship or career path that just feels –right. However, if you enjoy a variety of work, prefer experiential learning and find satisfaction in tangible outcomes, a career in construction may be the perfect fit for you. 

The Branch Group (TBG), based in Roanoke, Virginia, offers a wide range of construction services, including general contracting, construction management, mechanical and electrical, and plumbing systems —making it an excellent launching pad for students looking to break into the industry.

As an employee-owned company, TBG is deeply invested in every individual, resulting in a collective commitment to three fundamental principles: Relationships, Exceptionalism and Ownership.


The team at TBG is fueled by their dedication to the local community and their commitment to cultivating a robust workforce. The reason they care so much about the infrastructure they build is that it directly impacts their own families, friends, and neighbors. Because of this, they make every effort to ensure that all 900+ employees live close to their homes, helping them lead fulfilling lives that are balanced between work and personal life. 


The employees at TBG make it a priority to foster a culture of continuous improvement, setting high standards for themselves and others. That’s why the company is always on the search for interns and employees that embrace challenges, thrive when working on a team toward a common goal and enjoy bringing big ideas to life. 


Accountability is at the center of TBG, and in many ways, it is what makes it such a thriving workplace to be part of. By hiring good people who are reliable, the team at TBG can ensure that they have a group of workers who meet deadlines, hold themselves and their work to a high standard and deliver on the promises they make to clients and one another. By fostering accountability, TBG creates a sense of trust, reliability, and transparency across the board.

For students at Virginia’s Community Colleges, TBG presents a great opportunity to embark on a fulfilling career in the construction industry. With their commitment to relationships, exceptionalism and ownership, they stand out as an ideal place for those seeking an internship or long-term career.

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