G3 and the Need for Skilled Workers

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There is a time and a place for a general studies associate degree or that bachelor’s in philosophy, but for the thousands of open jobs in Virginia today, there is an increased focused on getting people trained and skilled in very specific focus areas. Areas that just so happen to fall under G3’s tuition assistance program.

Using Indeed, we’re laying it out there for you to see: we’ve got the training, Virginia’s employers have the jobs.

Early Childhood Education

Searching for “early childhood education” on Indeed gives over 2,000 results – 1,200 of which are labeled as associate degree positions. Earning your applied associate degree in early childhood education can land you in a lead teacher, teacher assistant or floater role depending on your needs and experience.


There are so many healthcare degrees within G3, for those who want to work on the clinical side and those who prefer to be behind the scenes. Take the Medical Laboratory Technician associate degree program. Right now, Indeed lists 127 open jobs in Virginia – some are flagged as urgent hires. Salaries are varied and we saw everything from the $40,000s to the $60,000s as a starting salary.

Prefer the nursing route? Our colleges have you covered under G3 (quite literally when it comes to your balance), and right now, there are over 14,000(!) registered nurse positions open. The world (and benefits package, we assume), is your oyster.

Information Technology

The Information Systems Technology associate degree can be specialized many different ways. Would you like working in cybersecurity? There are 350 positions listed on Indeed for individuals with an associate degree in the field with salaries listed in the upper $50,000s.

Cloud computing more your thing? Well right now, there are 104 jobs open for folks with associate degrees and salaries are listed in the $40,000s and $50,000s.

Public Safety

By earning an Emergency Medical Services associate degree, you’re also earning paramedic credentials within that program. Just this week, Indeed is showing 155 jobs that require this credential that are open and hiring now with salaries starting in the $40,000s and $50,000s.

With a Law Enforcement of Administration of Justice associate degree, you could find yourself serving as a correctional officer (just over 100 jobs listed on Indeed) with salaries starting in the $40,000s. There are also over 200 jobs for police officer trainee, recruit or sworn officer with salaries in the $40,000s and $50,000s.

Skilled Trades

Last but not least, the programs under Skilled Trades quite literally are the backbone of our communities and our economies. Some of our colleges offer an Automotive Technology associate degree, which often includes additional certifications within that. Who knew it was in such need, but right now, there are over 1,000 jobs looking for associate degree-educated individuals. Salaried pay is in the $40,000s and $50,000s and we’re seeing some awesome sign-on bonuses.

Our colleges also offer HVAC, Heating and Cooling associate degrees. Right now, there are almost 500 job postings for technician roles asking for an associate degree education and we’re seeing a mix of hourly roles (in the $20s and $30s per hour) and salaried positions.

If you’re looking to get started in a new program, find out what’s being offered at your local community college and start the process to enroll today.