Jordana Luck: A Lifelong Dedication to Learning

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Jordana Luck—a Smithfield, Virginia native— was surprised when her educational journey took an unexpected turn after completing her master’s degree in 2005, raising five children and working as a teacher. Around four years ago, Jordana began volunteering in grief support groups within her community. This experience ignited a desire for further training and knowledge in bereavement counseling. However, the prospect of returning to school seemed daunting, considering her familial and financial responsibilities.

Jordana was surprised when she stumbled across the G3 program while researching educational opportunities online. The realization that she could pursue a grief and bereavement counseling certification through her local community college, supported by G3 funding, sparked hope and determination.

One of the most striking aspects of Jordana’s journey is her transition from traditional four-year institutions to Virginia’s community colleges. As an experienced educator, she was impressed by the quality of education, academic rigor and unwavering support provided by the community college system.

“Anytime there was a hiccup in a class, or I had a concern about something… it was just immediately taken care of,” said Jordana. “I have been so completely impressed.”

Throughout her coursework, Jordana discovered new perspectives and honed practical skills in the mental health field. She notes the significance of fieldwork and hands-on training, which have equipped her for real-world challenges.

Looking ahead, Jordana envisions establishing accessible support groups in underserved areas and providing training to fellow community workers. Her dream is to create inclusive spaces where individuals can find solace and support during challenging times.

Central to Jordana’s educational journey is the pivotal role of the G3 program. Without its financial support, she shared that her return to school would have remained a distant dream. The accessibility and inclusivity of G3 have transformed her educational trajectory, underscoring the program’s profound impact on student lives.

Jordana’s story epitomizes the transformative potential of education and the invaluable support provided by programs like G3. Her journey is a testament to resilience, lifelong learning, and the profound impact of accessible education on individuals and communities alike. As Jordana continues to inspire others with her dedication and passion, her story serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for aspiring learners everywhere.