More Courses You Can Take While Pursuing a Public Safety Program Through G3

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Public safety careers play a fundamental role in maintaining the well-being and security of society. This doesn’t just pertain to frontline responders, but to the professionals who improve communities through social work, maintain relationships with other nations and use science to solve crimes and bring justice.

If one of these roles speaks to you, pursuing a public safety program using G3 tuition assistance could help you answer the call.

Want a peek into the course catalog? Here are some classes you may take if you pursue a degree or certificate in public safety through one of Virginia’s Community Colleges.

Wondering what other courses you could take on a public safety track? Read this blog post to find out.

Introduction to Human Services

If you pursue a degree in Human Services, this intro course will serve as your springboard. It introduces human service agencies, roles and careers and presents a historical perspective of the field as it relates to human services today.

Ethics and the Criminal Justice Professional

Ethics is essential for criminal justice professionals to ensure safety for all citizens and promote fairness in the justice system. This course examines ethical dilemmas pertaining to the criminal justice system, including those in policing, courts and corrections. It also focuses on some of the specific ethical choices that must be made by criminal justice professionals.

Forensic Science I

If a career in forensics is on your dream board, this class will pique your interest. This course introduces students to crime scene technology, procedures for sketching, diagramming and using casting materials. It also surveys the concepts of forensic chemistry, fingerprint classification/identification and latent techniques, drug identification, hair and fiber evidence, death investigation techniques, thin-layer chromatographic methods and arson materials examination.

Global Security Concepts for Law Enforcement and National Security

This course identifies and examines the interrelationship of significant global issues and events that affect local and national crime and security interests of the United States. It emphasizes the economic dimensions of international events and the effect they have on the security and well-being of others residing in distant localities and lands. Students will also explore issues of cooperation and coordination of investigative and prosecutive activities in a global environment.

Introduction to Sociology

Social workers play a critical role in improving lives and communities. This class introduces the fundamental concepts and principles of sociology with attention to sociological theory, research methods and the impact of social inequality. It examines a variety of topics such as culture, race, social class, gender, major social institutions and their role in contemporary society, and the processes of social change.