Physical Therapy Student Finds Upward Mobility Through G3

G3 Student Success Hannah

When you’re going to school AND working a job on top of that, every little bit of support helps. For Hannah, as she was studying in her second year of physical therapy at Wytheville Community College, she discovered just how much support she was getting through G3 tuition assistance.

“I found out from one of my financial advisors,” Hannah said. “I got financial aid, a federal grant, a state grant and I was waiting to find out about books because through my program, we have a lot of textbooks we need. So I was a little stressed, but they said, ‘You know, it’s covered by G3.’”

According to one report from College Board, textbooks and materials can cost around $1,200 a semester, and if your program requires lots of material, those costs can be steep for students. With her tuition and books covered through financial aid and G3, Hannah was able to stress less and focus on her goal: graduation.

“I have to drive 35 minutes to school and it’s really helped me be able to save for gas money,” she said. “I also work outside of this as a lifeguard, and that money goes towards gas so I can get to school. I’m less stressed about what I have to really pay for and just getting that little extra help has really made a difference.”

Hannah started her journey at one of Virginia’s Community Colleges in 2020. Growing up, she always wanted to do something where she could help people and get that one-on-one interaction. In her classes, she’s gaining the hands-on skills and textbook knowledge that will lead her into a career as a physical therapy assistant.

We spoke to her as she was wrapping up her final semester of school, and we asked what it meant to receive G3 to help her complete her studies.

“It’s just been so great to get that assistance,” she said. “I like that they call it ‘G3: Get skilled, Get a job, Get ahead.’ I just feel like just explaining it to someone in that way, ‘We’re getting skilled, we’re getting the skills we need, and then we’re going to graduate and get the job.’”

And we can’t wait to see where your education takes you, Hannah!

Hannah attended Wytheville Community College. She started the physical therapy program in August 2020 and graduated in May 2022. If you’d like to see if you’re eligible for G3 tuition assistance, contact your local community college to get started.