Public Safety

Public Safety Programs

Do you have a desire to protect and serve your community? Consider pursuing a degree or certification in a Public Safety program using G3 tuition assistance.

Whether you put on the gear to fight fires, wear a badge to maintain law and order or weld a notebook to help individuals through times of crisis and trauma, you can serve your community by receiving credentials in public safety.

Virginia’s Community Colleges offer numerous education and training programs preparing future and existing professionals for careers in public safety. Among these potential careers are corrections officers, criminal justice and law enforcement administration, forensic science and technologies, homeland security, firefighting and more.

Learn from qualified instructors and gain hands on experience toward a successful career in public safety.

Example Public Safety Careers

  • Corrections officer
  • Law enforcement
  • Security officer
  • Grief counselor
  • Substance abuse assistant
  • Firefighter
  • Social services assistant