Specialized Healthcare Careers to Explore Outside of Nursing

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in the medical field? Healthcare is a wide-spanning industry that encompasses a variety of specialized jobs beyond medical doctors and nurses.

Healthcare training through G3 is a great opportunity to earn and stack trainings and certifications that can lead you to a rewarding career in the high-demand medical field.

Here are four healthcare careers you can pursue through G3 and why they’re so important to the medical world.

Radiography Technologist

Radiography is the skill of using radiation to produce images of tissues, organs, bones and vessels within the human body. Physicians rely heavily on radiography technologists to effectively treat their patients. Their ability to provide accurate and precise images of the affected body part contributes significantly to the proper diagnosis of a patient’s injury or ailment. Radiographers are needed in all hospitals, imaging centers, outpatient clinics, and mobile X-ray companies, and they work with patients of all ages.

Physical Therapy Assistant

In this position you will use your vast knowledge of the human body and how it operates to help patients restore, rebuild and heal. Physical therapy assistants help all types of people with various needs. Whether it’s an athlete recovering from a sports-related injury or a patient building strength back after surgery, it is always tremendously rewarding to see your patients improve. Physical therapy assistants primarily work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and privately-owned physical therapy practices.

Phlebotomy Technician

If you have a calming presence and don’t mind the sight of blood this could be a perfect position for you. Phlebotomy technicians draw blood from patients to be tested for diseases. Many people struggle with giving blood so it’s important for a phlebotomy technician to be able to calmly explain and execute the procedure while putting the patient at ease. Phlebotomy technicians are needed in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical labs, blood donation centers and more.

Dental Hygienist

In this position, you will spend a lot of time with patients performing preventative procedures to protect their teeth. You will work closely with dentists to take care of patients and plan individualized hygiene routines. Hygienists are the bridge between the patient and the dentist. Working as a dental hygienist offers a lot of diversity as patients of every age need to visit the dentist regularly. Additionally, the are many part-time dental hygienist roles that can fit around your schedule.

If one of these healthcare careers sparks your interest, consider a program through one of Virginia’s Community Colleges and see if you’re eligible for G3 tuition assistance.

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