Student Success Story: Single mother switches careers to construction trades

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When you’re a parent, every day can feel like a race. You’re getting kids out the door, you’re going to a job (or two), you’re making sure food is on the table, bills are paid and the kids are as healthy as they can be. Making it to bedtime can be a success in its own right. When you’re juggling all of life’s demands, it can be hard to break the cycle to make a change for good.

But that’s exactly what Carmen did when she reached out and received G3 tuition assistance.

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Carmen, a student at Wytheville Community College (WCC), is a single mother of five trying to find a way to become self-sufficient and self-reliant to provide for her family. And thanks to the G3 funding she received, Carmen found a pathway to a new career.

Carmen initially explored offerings at WCC to help her son find a career path of interest, but instead she found something that interested her. She noted that she had reached out to Construction Trades instructor, Danny Choate, about the program, and he shared with her information about the new G3 program that could help pay for tuition.

“I believe in community colleges,” said Carmen. “They always offer the programs that the community needs. And attending community college is more affordable than four-year colleges or universities.”

The G3 program gave Carmen the ability to switch her career without the worries about how she would be able to pay college tuition.

“For me G3 was a miracle, and it was right on time,” said Carmen. “It feels like I am in the right place at the right time.”

Photo and story provided by Wytheville Community College.

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