Testimonials: Making the Most of Virginia’s Community Colleges

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Whether you’ve already started classes or you’re still contemplating if community college is right for you, the beginning of a new semester is the perfect time to think about your goals and how continuing your education can get you one step closer to achieving them.

To highlight a few of the great benefits that Virginia’s Community Colleges have to offer, we spoke to staff and faculty that work directly with students and curriculum.

Here’s what they shared:

Virginia’s Community Colleges ensure students have what they need to be successful in – and out – of the classroom.

“One great thing about Reynolds Community College, we have a great partnership with academic advising and wraparound support to make sure our students meet the finish line – and beyond.”

– Bernadette Battle, Associate Dean of Advising Services, Reynolds Community College

“My college has been paying attention to all the obstacles a student may face, not only academically – but if they need support with food insecurity, we have pantries. We now have Timey Care to provide mental health support. So we’re really trying to have a lot of wraparound support for our students. That’s just great to see. It’s great to be a part of.”

-KV White, Associate Dean for Languages, Arts and Social Sciences, NOVA (Woodbridge)

There’s something for everyone.

“When someone asks me what makes someone the right fit for your community college, I actually struggle to find an answer. Because I believe that everyone is a right fit. There is an academic journey for everyone.”

– Cheri Maea, Dean of Enrollment Services, Germanna Community College

“It is so exciting to see students of many generations, they learn so much from each other. In the nursing program, they bring in all those life experiences that they can teach each other with. It just helps the students grow in ways beyond academia – into the fellowship they can have, the contacts they can have, it makes them stronger both personally and professionally.”

Jane Burgess, Associate Nursing Faculty, Blue Ridge Community College

Through programs like Virginia G3 tuition assistance, Virginia’s Community Colleges prepare you for jobs in industries that are actively hiring, strengthening the Commonwealth’s workforce, and connecting you with positions after you graduate.

“I truly believe our students are the community, they enhance the community and through our courses and training, they will go out and be productive citizens and go out into the community to make it larger and better.”

– Shashuna Gray, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development Germanna

“Loving your community college means you love your community because those graduates that finish at that school are going to be your next door neighbors, they’re going to be your teacher, they’re going to be your policeman, they’re going to be your welder. At Virginia Highlands, 82% of all medical technicians in our service area went to Virginia Highlands.”                             

– Lee Hunt, Dean of Professional and Technical Studies, Virginia Highlands Community College