The benefits of heading to community college

benefits community college

Whether you’re looking for a more affordable path to an education or simply trying to balance work, life and school, the benefits of community college are endless. In a world where the future seems more uncertain than ever, community college can be a grounding force ready to propel you to new heights.

If you’re considering community college, keep reading to see whether it’s the right fit for you.


Attending community college provides students with affordable, versatile and flexible options to obtain certifications or an associate degree without sacrificing what matter most to them. There are courses offered online and in-person. There are daytime, evening and weekend classes, too.

Community college works with your busy schedule, not against it. At Virginia Community Colleges, we understand that students are trying to make decisions that prioritize themselves and their family’s health, security, and happiness and need to learn at their own pace.

Financial assistance

For a lot of students, money is the main factor standing in the way of gaining an education and imagining a better future for themselves and their family. And rightly so, paying for college is a big commitment. Fears of student debt and other financial strains can deter many students from taking the next step. However, there are ways to get your degree without breaking the bank. G3, for example, helps bring the tuition cost for qualified students down to $0 after other financial assistance has been applied. And if a student isn’t eligible for G3, there are dozens of other options to help bring costs down significantly.

On-campus support

Virginia’s Community Colleges offer smaller class sizes than a traditional four-year university, giving students more personalized attention with instructors. This gives students more freedom to ask questions and get to know their instructors.

Whether you’re a single parent, a working student or the first person in your family to pursue higher education, community college has compassionate and capable faculty and staff ready to help you along the way.

To learn more about G3 funding and what options are available where you live, visit Learn how to Qualify and Programs for more information.