Use G3 Tuition Assistance for Online Learning Through Virginia’s Community Colleges

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Pursuing your education has never been easier! And by enrolling in online classes, you’ll have the flexibility to study from anywhere with wi-fi. Even with all the advantages that come with remote learning, some students might be concerned that they’ll miss out on campus resources or not receive the same education that they would while studying in person. Virginia’s Community Colleges have an excellent network of online programs, including ones that are G3 eligible, that allow you to achieve your goals while accessing the many academic and social resources that are available on campus.

Quality Class Instruction

Virtual classes through one of Virginia’s Community Colleges provide the same quality education as sitting in a classroom because they are taught by the same faculty who teach on campuses. As an online student, you also have the same academic support outside the classroom as students who attend in person. If you’re struggling with a certain concept, want to build better study habits or need help editing your paper, you can make virtual appointments through campus tutoring centers or writing studios. Some campuses also have the option to attend your classes online in real time, which means you can see and hear your instructor, and even interact with other students in your class.

Student Resources

Virginia’s Community Colleges want students to succeed in the classroom and know that isn’t possible unless they’re succeeding outside of the classroom. All students, including those online, have access to free tools such as Single Stop, a platform that can estimate in a few minutes what community resources you’re eligible to receive that will help address non-academic barriers in your life.

Even if you don’t attend your classes on campus, you will still have access to the resources that help you thrive as a college student. From campus libraries, gyms, student success centers, technology help desks and more, you can take advantage of the many student resources available through Virginia’s Community Colleges.

Virtual Events and Workshops

Being an online student doesn’t mean you have to miss out on campus events and workshops. Attending your community college’s events allow you to connect with your classmates, professors and local community. Virtual workshops like Tyler’s (Becoming Brightpoint) Research Rescue! and Tidewater’s interview preparation give you the chance to connect with experts without having to travel to campus.

Not all events are related to academics, which gives you an opportunity to relax and take a study break. Make sure to check out your community college’s events calendar so you don’t miss out on other virtual activities.

While enrolling in an online G3 program might be different than commuting to campus and sitting in a classroom every day, remote learning allows you to pursue a track that you’re passionate about on your terms while engaging with campus activities and accessing academic and student resources.

To learn more about G3 funding and what options are available where you live, visit Learn how to Qualify and Programs for more information.

Editor’s Note: At the time of publishing, Brightpoint Community College was named John Tyler Community College.