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When it comes to packaging innovation, WestRock is leading the charge in Virginia and beyond. The company has a long history of entrepreneurship, leadership and innovative developments in papermaking, packaging design and retail solutions. 

After sitting down with Melissa Sheffield, senior human resources generalist at the West Point Mill location, we soon found out that WestRock is more than just a supplier– it is a partner that provides a competitive advantage and fuels innovation to foster real, sustainable growth. 

The papermaking empire is always looking for new ways to expand and is currently hiring at every level with salary roles ranging from entry-level positions to more seasoned managerial roles. 

“Something that sets us apart is the fact that we are always training with career mobility in mind,” says Sheffield. “We ensure that all of our employees are trained in the next level up so that they can be ready for their next move when they are called upon.” 

Whether you’re interested in engineering, sales, human resources or IT, you are sure to find a place at WestRock.

The company is very passionate about college recruitment and regularly works with Rappahannock Community College to source top candidates for their open positions. 

“Not only are we passionate about recruiting qualified and driven community college graduates,” says Sheffield, “but we regularly work with local dual enrollment programs to help students looking for a career directly out of high school transition into the workforce.” 

Sheffield and her team are looking to hire people with a strong work ethic and powerful inner drive to keep up with the demands of the industry.

“I would consider WestRock an employer of choice,” says Sheffield. “The potential for growth here is truly limitless, and for people with big aspirations and a desire to constantly grow and learn, our company is really the perfect place.” 

Between forestry, engineering and procurement, there are opportunities for everyone to achieve their career goals. Interested in pursuing a career at WestRock? Visit its website to learn more. 

WestRock is a supporter of Virginia’s Community Colleges through the G3 Business Ambassador program.