Aerofin: 100 Years in the Manufacturing Business

G3 Aero Blog

Imagine this. It’s the first freeze of the year. Whether you’re a small business with an every day thermostat or a large corporation that has an entire temperature control system in place, someone has to flip the switch from A/C to heat.

We may think of that process as a simple flip of the switch, but in reality, there are heat transfer products working behind the scenes (or behind the dry wall) that help produce the heat we need to stay warm in the cooler months. Situated in Lynchburg, Va. is one heat transfer manufacturer that’s leading the same in this space: Aerofin.

Aerofin manufactures spiral fin and plat fin heat exchanger coils, in addition to equipment like gas coolers and heaters, transformer oil coolers, airside transitions and more. The company has been doing business for 100 years, and it’s had its home office and manufacturing plant in Virginia since 1966.

Today, the facility is over 165,000 square feet and its team manufactures products for a variety of industries, including fossil fuel power generation, nuclear power generation, pulp and paper, automotive and HVAC.

For students who are graduating from their local community college in a G3-approved skilled trades program, you could be eligible for Aerofin’s production worker role, which includes various positions like assemblers, brazers and welders. Its benefits package includes medical, dental, vacation, holidays and a 401(k). Interested folks can pick up an applicant, or download and print the one online.

There is a field on the application form for specialized training or studies, and this is the perfect place for you to drop any of your certificates or credentials earned during your educational program.

Aerofin is a supporter of Virginia’s Community Colleges and the statewide G3 Business Ambassador program. Visit its website to learn more.