Investing in Public Safety and STEM Education at CTA Consultants

STEM & Public Safety Blog

Have you ever considered exploring the public safety or STEM education field? If you’re interested in engineering and project management services and have an appreciation for first responders, CTA Consultants in Lynchburg should be on your radar. With over 30 years of experience, CTA Consultants serves as an independent public safety consultant firm that provides services for Transportation, Utilities, and other Local, State and Federal Government agencies. 

Professionals at CTA have experience with communication systems, backhaul networks, telecommunication facilities and 911 dispatch center equipment. Additionally, CTA is responsible for assessing, planning, designing, implementing and testing telecommunication systems. 

CTA prides itself on being committed to assisting in the training of first responders.

With a mission for communications technology advancement in public safety and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, CTA encourages innovation through the investment of 100% of its net profit in first responder training and STEM education initiatives.

As a firm, CTA works to strengthen local STEM education initiatives in an effort to support the upcoming generation of innovators. CTA provides resources and funding to encourage the growth of future technological advancement designers.

If you’re a student graduating from your local community college in a public safety program and looking for a rewarding, hands-on experience, CTA Consultants offers a large range of services that will allow you to develop your expertise in several areas. Whether you’re interested in radio system coverage analysis or site design, CTA provides a variety of professional learning opportunities. 

Whether you enjoy research, design, or field work, CTA provides multiple experiences for its employees to strengthen their skills. Services provided by CTA include: 

  • Land mobile radio system design and implementation
  • Radio system coverage analysis
  • Backhaul network design
  • Needs assessment and system evaluation
  • Radio communications site design
  • RFP development and procurement support
  • FCC licensing and management
  • Implementation oversight 

CTA Consultants is a supporter of Virginia’s Community Colleges and the statewide G3 Business Ambassador program. Visit its website to learn more.