Cultivate a Meaningful Career at Cloudfit Software

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When it comes to improving the lives of clients and team members by simplifying what is often a complex and confusing digital world, CloudFit, located in Lynchburg VA, is one of the best in cybersecurity and policy. 

By providing cutting-edge and efficient services to commercial customers, including Microsoft’s Product Groups, the company’s mission is to plug gaps and connect dots for its clients – enabling them to effectively run their organizations directly in the Cloud.

Recognized on the Inc 5000 and Vet 100 lists, Cloudfit is an incredible place to start or restart your career. The team at Cloudfit is passionate about cultivating a positive work culture and does so by living out its core value: to SERVE.

  • Servant Leadership
  • Extreme Accountability
  • Results Driven
  • Velocity
  • Empowerment

By following its SERVE model, Cloudit ensures that all of its employees feel invested in the success of their personal growth, the company’s growth and most of all, the growth and success of their clients. 

Here are three ways that Cloudfit keeps its stellar culture in tip-top shape. 

Hiring Good People 

At Cloudfit, it’s all about the “we” mentality. By hiring people who are open to learning and thrive when working on a team, the result is a dynamic group of people who drive collective success. There are always new developments in the realm of cybersecurity, and knowing that, Cloudfit seeks to hire individuals with a knack for sniffing out trends and staying at the forefront of innovation.

Lead by Example 

At Cloudfit, everyone has the opportunity to be a leader. With that honor comes the responsibility to set an example for fellow team members. Cloudfit encourages and empowers individuals at all levels to step into leadership roles. By creating an environment where everyone can lead, all employees can feel confident to unlock their potential. When projects and account teams are led by thoughtful, strategic, and human-focused leaders, the whole team benefits.

Earning Trust

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud services, trust is the cornerstone of success, and at Cloudfit, team members are taught the importance of being a reliable source of information and expertise from their very first day on the job. The IT company understands the vital role trust plays in curating meaningful relationships both internally and externally and prioritizes building a reputation of delivering accurate and transparent information, ensuring that when clients are quoted a price, it is the fairest rate around.  

Interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity for a company that cares about its employees and clients? Visit the website to learn more. You can also check out this podcast episode to get an inside look at how the company runs. 

Cloudfit is a supporter of Virginia’s Community Colleges and the statewide G3 Business Ambassador Program.