Women in STEM: Accupoint Business Solutions is Leading the Way

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The number of women working in the architecture and engineering field has grown 222% since 1980. And while that statistic is amazing, today, women only represent 16.1% of that workforce. Virginia’s Community Colleges know that representation matters –that’s why we’re heralding Amy Seipp, majority partner, owner and principal civil engineer of G3 Business Ambassador Accupoint.

Accupoint is a certified minority-women owned, small, micro, disadvantaged business enterprise. It is situated in Lynchburg, Va. but services Central and Western Virginia. It’s suite of services includes land planning, soil evaluation, construction management, energy and technology infrastructure and transportation services.

Seipp has climbed the ladder and worked her way into her current position at Accupoint. In her role, she’s showing first-hand how the field is evolving and how women are becoming increasingly represented in a historically male-dominated field.

“[The shortage of women in STEM positions] is a big issue in so many aspects,” Seipp said in an interview with Lynchburg Business. “I, however, was never one to shy away from roles that seemed unlikely for girls. I worked my way through college by working in the service department of a car dealership. Don’t get me wrong; I like shoes and makeup, but I also built LEGOs before it was cool, and they only had primary colors.

“I hope more women who are professionals in STEM will encourage not only girls, but all kids at the elementary and middle school levels to get involved in STEM classes from a young age,” Seipp continued. “This helps set them up to be successful in these fields later.”

Front and center on Accupoint’s website is its tagline: Accupoint is where intelligent thinking meets unwavering attention. And if you hop over to its Facebook page, you can see just how important community and client relationships are to Accupoint and its people.

Accupoint is a supporter of Virginia’s Community Colleges and the statewide G3 Business Ambassador program.