Finding a Career Close to Home with G3 Tuition Assistance

Kathleen Turner Blog

Kathleen Turner became a student at Eastern Shore Community College in 2010 for the first time.

She had attended a four-year university for three years but moved home to be close to her family because she was expecting a child. But she didn’t want to stay stagnant. She decided to see what her local community college offered and decided to pursue licensure as a medical assistant. She got a job at the Riverside Oncology Center and, in 2018, decided to go back to ESCC to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Currently, she’s enrolled at ESCC, finishing her degree to become a registered nurse.

Supportive, small classes

One thing that Kathleen enjoyed about her time at ESCC was the support she found with her peers. “When I did my LPN program, we planned dinner study groups,” Kathleen said. “I met with classmates’ families, kids and dogs. You end up becoming a family.”

Kathleen found a lot of value in having smaller classes. “We can call each other and ask, ‘Hey, did you guys catch the notes on this? Does anyone have her lecture?’ It’s very intimate and supportive, and you want that.”

Employment opportunities in your backyard

The Eastern Shore area is a small community, but Kathleen believes having a community college that helps individuals find an in-demand career aligned with their interests is a huge benefit.

“It’s great to have this community college here with programs like HVAC and plumbing, which are jobs that people will always need,” Kathleen said. There are also medical roles such as billing and coding, medical assistants and nursing assistants that are always going to be needed. You can start here and go anywhere because the courses and the vocational and technical training they’re offering are really useful in the real world.”

Like others in her community, Kathleen is looking for employment opportunities that keep her close to home.

“I think it’s very important that this program stays here and grows because, for someone like me, who has no intentions of ever leaving, it’s needed. Providing careers where we can stay here and feel comfortable is great for some people.”

A new career without student debt

When Kathleen decided to pursue her LPN after attending a four-year college, she had exhausted other opportunities for financial aid. Fortunately, when she went back for her RN, the CARES Act and G3 stepped in and took the financial burden off her shoulders.

“That helped me tremendously because I had been commuting,” said Kathleen. “On top of taking care of my school expenses, anything left over from that I could use for gas and tolls. Students who have to pay for those can get reimbursed, which helps a lot.”