Finding a Deeper Calling With the Help of G3 Tuition Assistance

G3 Masyn Blog

Masyn’s journey from Connecticut to Virginia signaled a significant shift in her pursuit of a career centered on helping others. Her story, intertwined with her experiences at Germanna Community College, offers valuable insight into the impact of Virginia G3.

After completing her undergraduate studies at Radford University and immersing herself in a career, Masyn was drawn to a deeper calling. Germanna’s nursing program emerged as her path forward, supported by the G3 funding initiative.

“My experience has been amazing,” Masyn said. “The program was two years. I was at the Locust Grove campus for a little bit. We’ve had clinicals and certain lab simulations at the Stafford campus, so I’ve seen a lot of Germanna while I’ve been here. It’s amazing. The faculty make it a point to show you how invested they are in you and the program and how much they want you to succeed.”

For Masyn, G3 was more than just financial assistance; it was the catalyst for her nursing journey at Germanna. With tuition covered, she could dedicate herself fully to her studies. “It helped me really focus on school,” Masyn said. “It took away the stress of trying to figure out transportation, food, how to pay for my classes, my books, and my scrubs. It took all that away and really allowed me just to focus on my education. I would say to the next person, if tuition is what’s stopping you, don’t let it.”

Now armed with her nursing degree, Masyn stands ready to embark on her career as a post-anesthesia care unit registered nurse in Washington, D.C.

G3 tuition assistance empowers individuals like Masyn to forge new career paths through Virginia’s Community Colleges. Her experience highlights the importance of seizing opportunities for education and the support available through programs like G3.

For those interested in learning more about the G3 program and the opportunities it offers, exploring Virginia’s Community College System is a valuable next step toward realizing their educational goals.