Here’s the Ultimate Summer Checklist to Help Prepare You for the Upcoming Semester 

Summer Checklist Blog

Between beach days, outdoor adventures and spending time with family and friends, your next semester at community college is likely the last thing on your mind. After all, you’re off for the summer – what work is there to possibly do? 

Well, you know what they say – a rolling stone gathers no moss– and even if you aren’t taking classes this summer, there are still things you can be doing to help you go into your next wave of classes with a healthy, successful mindset. Don’t worry, this won’t require too much effort on your end! 

Here’s a checklist to work through this summer to make you the most successful student you can be next fall.

Get organized and set your goals 

Summer is the perfect time to daydream about your future. Whether you have the rest of your community college experience figured out, or if you still have no clue what path to choose, putting pen to paper and writing down some of your goals for the coming semester can be a helpful way to get ahead on your goals. 

Juggling classes can get messy, especially when many students are working full time or have families to care for. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, buy yourself a fun planner or grab some colorful highlighters and start color-coding things to keep everything under control. Here is a helpful resource from a fellow student on how to get your life back on track using Google Calendar. 

Confirm your financial aid

As unpleasant as it may seem, the FASFA must be completed every year. That’s why it’s important to carve out some time on your calendar to check the status of your financial aid and complete any needed steps. If you’re feeling a bit uncertain about a few sections, or need clarification on your personal status, be sure to reach out to your financial aid office for support. 

Another way to get smarter about paying for your education is through G3 – a last-dollar scholarship that, with other financial aid, could bring that cost down to $0. G3 tuition assistance is for students living in Virginia who qualify for state financial aid with a household income that’s less than $100,000. G3 is available for select programs in five of Virginia’s most in-demand industries, including Early Childhood Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, Public Safety and Skilled Trades (construction and manufacturing). Interested in learning more? Visit

Meet with your advisor 

Do you need to add or withdraw from a course? Have any edits to your fall class lineup?  Schedule a meeting with your advisor as soon as possible to discuss your plan of study and learn about the benefits open to you. 

Even if you feel like you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s, don’t be afraid to connect with your college advisor about any concerns or questions regarding the upcoming semester.  Advisors are here to help you finalize documents, register for events, and make sure you meet all deadlines.