Keep Your G3 Skills Sharp with a Summer Internship, Externship or Volunteering Opportunity

Summer Internships Blog

According to social media, summer is the time to lounge by the pool, throw your worries aside and just relax. Well, for many of us, that is about as realistic as the Instagram filter that appears with those images. Depending on your situation, you may be taking summer classes or you may be working part or full time.

If you have spare time and are looking for ways to hone your skills and enhance your resume, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Healthcare volunteer and internships

While healthcare students may already have internship requirements, there are a few places you can go for licensed and non-licensed volunteer roles to help practice your skills.

  • The Virginia Association for Free and Charitable Clinics represents clinics across Virginia and most provide volunteer-based care (volunteer details).
  • Have you ever heard of the Virginia Medical Reserve Corps? If you register through the Virginia Volunteer Health System, you can start the process for being a state volunteer (volunteer details).
  • HCA VA Health System operates multiple locations around the state and looks for both skilled and unskilled volunteers doing a wide variety of things in the hospital – including NICU baby cuddling (volunteer details for the Parham location in Richmond, but you can explore your local hospital’s list).

Early Childhood Education opportunities

School’s out and in an already stretched industry, early childhood educators are a valued commodity. Depending on how many hours you’re looking for, consider reaching out to your local early childhood education provider to see if they need floaters or other part-time help.

  • Many programs are in camp season and extra hands could help manage all the ins and outs. Also, consider looking at the entry-level positions that are just short of an associate degree on sites like Indeed.
  • Some programs are so short-staffed, they’ve dictated a minimum amount of classroom instruction (some are 24 hours, some are 40). Depending on where you are in your G3 associate degree program, you may be eligible for some of these classroom roles.

Public Safety internships and volunteering

Your local police department may have anything from a structured internship program, like Fairfax County, or it may have public safety-related volunteer opportunities, like Chesterfield County.

  • Interested more in fire safety? Consider joining your local volunteer fire house – requirements usually involve passing the initial training with a minimum number of hours per month and training per year.
  • Virgnia State Police also has volunteer opportunities, many are operational and administrative, but there are some fleet maintenance roles, too.

Interested in one of these careers? Learn more about G3 funding and what options are available where you live. Visit Learn how to Qualify and Programs for more information.