Information technology programs don’t just lead to “Big Tech” jobs

virginia g3 cybersecurity program

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for information technology (IT) workers is expected to grow by 11% between 2019 and 2029, which means you can expect more and more job openings in this field in the coming years. IT professionals work in a variety of roles, including technical support, website design, programming and computer engineering, and while it’s easy to imagine the big fancy servers and computer networking positions of Google and Facebook, almost every single business today has IT needs that you can address by getting an education in an information technology program like G3.

With the IT job market booming due to the rapid growth of the Internet and e-commerce, lower hardware prices allow more businesses to upgrade technology, which is leading to an increased demand for cybersecurity specialists. On top of that, there is more attention to the field which is driven by the frequency and sophistication of cybercrimes and the introduction of smarter applications allowing companies to analyze data for unidentified threats.

While Virginia has its fair share of Big Tech jobs, like with the Amazon HQ2 in Arlington and the adjacent IT careers in the DMV area with government agencies, think about your local county offices. Every county that manages elections are required to be compliant with various cybersecurity guidance. School systems and healthcare systems with sensitive data that have moved to virtual services need technical support and cybersecurity protection. Businesses have both physical and digital technology needs. The list goes on and on.

This is exciting news for experienced information technology workers as well as those just starting out in the field. However, despite the greater possibility and rapid growth, simply showing up will not guarantee success. It’s critical to clearly define your career goals and create a learning plan that includes the necessary skills, computer training and IT certifications in order to get a competitive advantage and achieve your objectives.

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